Chiko - Burdock Seed

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An Asian specialty that is nutritious and medicinal. Cook similarly to carrots, tasty in hearty soups and stews.

Avg. 1–2' long x 1" thick. Long and slender, light brown roots.

Direct sow burdock seed anytime in spring, about 4-6" apart, 3/4" deep and in rows 24" apart. Produces large leaves with a carrot-like root within the first year. May become invasive.

Scientific Name: Arctium lappa
Days to Maturity: 120
Seed Depth: 3/4"
Days to Sprout: 7-14
Plant Spacing: 4-6"
Row Spacing: 24"
Light Requirements: Sunny
Life Cycle: Biennial
Frost Tolerance: Hardy

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