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Turks Turban - Winter Squash


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Turks Turban is a large Aladdin type squash. 8-12” in diameter and weighs 5 lbs. Decorative and also delicious when cooked!

Start seed indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 65-85 degrees. Transplant to the garden 2 to 3 weeks after your average last frost. Or, plant seeds directly in the garden 1-2 weeks after average last frost date. Sow 3-5 seeds per hill, thinning to a final 2-3 plants per hill. Winter squash grow best in a warm site with full sun. Warm soil is essential to good seed germination and emergence. Using transplants can speed production.

Scientific Name: Curcurbita maxima
Days to Maturity: 100
Seed Depth: 1"
Days to Sprout: 7-14
Plant Spacing: 2-5'
Row Spacing: 6-10'
Light Requirements: Sunny
Nutrient Needs: Heavy feeder
Life Cycle: Annual
Frost Tolerance: Very Tender

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