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Valkyrie Aster, also known as Summer Aster, are unique, eye-catching and easy-to-grow. Brightly colored with white, light yellow, pink, crimson, rose, and dark and light purple. The blooms are needle-like and sit atop strong, long stems. Easy to harvest due to the well-branched plant's open airy habit. Excellent cut flower boasting a long vase life.

Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 65-80°F. Transplant to the garden 1-2 weeks after your average last frost date. Aster is more sensitive to transplant shock so carefully set in the garden. Or, plant seeds directly in the garden after average last frost date when soil temperature is at least 65°F.

Scientific Name: Callistephus chinensis
Days to Maturity: 100-120
Seed Depth: 1/8"
Days to Sprout: 10-14
Plant Spacing: 6-12"
Row Spacing: 18-24"
Light Requirements: Sunny / Partial Shade
Plant Height: 26-36"
Life Cycle: Annual
Frost Hardy: No

Valkyrie Mix - Aster Seeds
Valkyrie Mix - Aster Seeds
Valkyrie Mix - Aster Seeds
Valkyrie Mix - Aster Seeds
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