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It’s been said: “Despise not small beginnings”. As a young family-owned small business, Bucktown Seed Company despises not small beginnings. In fact, we honor them. Which is why we esteem the humble seed— small and unassuming with all the hopes of an abundant tomorrow hidden under its coat.

We want to honor the story of the seed by making available to the public a large selection of seeds with good stories. Stories that, like the seeds they boast about, have been conserved, passed down from one generation to the next and proven to be full of life and color and flavor. We want to continue the long legacy of storied seeds while growing a legacy of our own here at Bucktown Seed Co.  

Our seeds are open-pollinated and 100% non-GMO, with many heirloom and organic options. We go to great lengths to source seeds with the highest quality, exceeding germination and purity tests, from reputable growers. We also offer a selection of garden supplies to support the journey from seed to harvest.

Through the conservation of open-pollinated seeds, true-to-type vegetables can be grown, sustaining us for seasons to come through our God-given right of seed saving. In this day, it is encouraging to see a movement of people returning to the land, reclaiming food security and getting to know their neighbors again through shared food origin stories.

At Bucktown Seed Co. we place a premium on gratitude, intentional living and slowing down to recognize the beauty within the whole process.  Sure, sometimes it takes an attuned eye to appreciate the majesty of a quiet process just below and just above foot level— but it's safe to assume that everyone can appreciate the beauty of that first heirloom tomato hitting their plate amidst the mid-summer heat.

It would be a privilege for our family here at Bucktown Seed Co. to be a part of your family’s gardening story this year.  We are based in southeastern Pennsylvania, but all of our business is in our online store, so this allows us to get our seed and supply to you wherever you are in the country. 

Our family of five humans and one dog resides in Chester County, PA.  Jeff has grown a commercial photography business for 20 years over and maintains an ever-growing garden plot. His desire is to return to a simpler way of life, full of connection, beauty and sweat equity. One where he can provide food for his family harvested from their own land.  Christa’s background in education, creative arts and dedication to healthy living lends to the vision of bringing this lifestyle of intentional living to others.

Together we can continue the long and storied legacy of good food with good people, using good regenerative practices the whole way.

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Open-Pollinated seeds and the future of food.

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Open-Pollinated seeds and the future of food.

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