It’s been said: “Despise not small beginnings”. At Bucktown Seed Co., we honor small beginnings and the humble seed that holds the promise of an abundant tomorrow under its coat.

Our selection of open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds with good stories has been conserved and passed down through generations, brimming with life, color, and flavor. We prioritize quality seed, sourcing from reputable U.S. based seed growers that exceed germination and purity tests. Additionally, we offer garden supplies to support your journey from seed to harvest. Through the conservation of open-pollinated seeds, we can sustainably grow true-to-type vegetables and reclaim food security.

Intentional living, gratitude, and recognizing beauty throughout the process are essential to our values. Our family business operates from southeastern Pennsylvania but caters to home gardeners nationwide through our online store. Jeff, a seasoned commercial photographer and avid gardener, and Christa, a passionate educator and health advocate, spearhead our efforts to maintain the legacy of good food and regenerative practices.

We would be honored to be a part of your gardening story this year.

Garden Seed Kits

Our garden seed starter kits include everything you need to get started. They are for people just starting out in gardening or those who are already have a few years under their belt. Herb, Vegetable, Tomato and Flower Seed Kits available.

Open-pollinated seeds & the future of food

Open-pollinated seeds offer us a way to take proactive steps towards creating nutritional sustainability for ourselves and our families through growing home gardens that are filled with varieties tailor-made for flavor, nutrition, disease resistance and climate adaptability!

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