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Holy tomatoes!

I’ve never grown tomato plants from seed before, but this kit was fantastic. Everything I planted grew like gangbusters under indoor grow lights and are now thriving outside. I’m not sure what was in the seed starting mix included in the kit, but the seeds I planted in that mix grew considerably faster than the seeds I planted in Burpee coir bricks. They’ve done so well so far that friends actually think I know what I’m doing! 😂

Lilliput Mix - Zinnia Seeds
M Thompson (Ponchatoula, US)
Will definitely order again

This is my first experience with Bucktown Seed. I was very impressed with the variety of items offered in the online catalog, so I placed my first order. However, unfortunately for me, I never received it, even a week past the scheduled arrival date. I contacted customer service to notify them. They did offer to re-ship my original order at no charge, but my window for planting seeds would be long past by the time the order was expected to arrive. Once given that information, there was no further equivocation, and my account was credited for the lost order. Though I can certainly appreciate that while technically it may not have been their responsibility the package was lost in the mail, they nevertheless backed up their company reputation. If you think of the keywords “customer service“, that was how they resolved the situation. They earned 5 stars.

Great customer service

Crego Mix - China Aster Seeds
Victoria L (Alpharetta, US)
Great Customer Service

My seeds came neatly packaged and were shipped in a timely manner. I bought Celosia Texas Plume and Aster Crego Mix flower seeds. I have not been able to plant them yet because my housing plans changed, but I hope to plant soon!

Bonny Best - Tomato Seeds - Organic
Faye Friedrich (Wolfeboro, US)
Seeds and germination rate

Very happy with the number of seeds in a packet, as well as the high germination rate!

I got these seeds a few weeks ago and they are already sprouting! I’m so excited to grow my own veggies. The instructions provided were also clear and easy to follow which is why I’m seeing success (I’ve never planted anything before).

Red Sun - Sunflower Seeds
Thomas J Houde (Bristol, US)

Bought many seed packets and all have come up.

Maximum Blend - Snapdragon Seeds
Kristen (Norristown, US)
Repeat customer

We love our Bucktown seeds and have always had much success with anything we’ve purchased and grown from them!

Red Garnet - Amaranth Seeds
Courtney Pelikan (New York, US)
Whipple Bush & Fava Beans

Every single bean I planted came up! I'm zone 7A and direct sowed into my raised bed after frost danger. Looking forward to a bountiful harvest.

Cherry Belle - Radish Seeds - Organic
Pamela C. (Torrington, US)
These seeds are great!

I recently bought zucchini and yellow squash seeds from Bucktown and they are growing strong! In comparison, I bought some seed packs from a local store and they aren’t even half the size as Bucktown seeds. I’ll definitely buy again next year!

Small Sugar Pie - Pumpkin Seeds - Organic
Kayla Martinez (Albuquerque, US)
We will see

Shipping time was good.
This is my first time buying from this company. They are a bit pricey, BUT if they grow better than the seeds I have been using they are a great price! I’m excited to find out. They are planted but just a few days in the ground. I am hoping for the best! 👍🏻

Jericho - Lettuce Seeds - Organic
Steve Hicks (Hurricane, US)
Pops garden

High percentage of seed’s producing plants

Flower Garden - Starter Seed Kit
Craig Milliman jr (Detroit, US)

Flower Garden - Starter Seed Kit

Small Sugar Pie - Pumpkin Seeds - Organic
Galen Unruh (Walla Walla, US)

Very happy with the ease in which I was able to place my order. The website is very user friendly, and information format is excellent.

Ace 55 - Tomato Seeds - Organic
Clint Priestley (Caldwell, US)

Ace 55 - Tomato Seeds - Organic

Emerald Giant - Sweet Pepper Seeds - Organic
Kerry ROSENHAGEN (Alexandria, US)

Bell peppers I ordered did not grow but tomatoes are ok

Spacemaster 80 - Cucumber Seeds - Organic
Colleen Collier (Philadelphia, US)
Great quality!

Thanks for the fantastic seeds!

Extremely high germination rate on these

Maximum Blend - Snapdragon Seeds
Happy Customer (Syracuse, US)
Abundance of sprouts!

I sowed Texas celosia and snapdragons this spring. I was not let down! Often with store bought seeds, you have to plant many to get the results you want, I will be more conservative next time I use Bucktown seeds, they all grew!

Anaheim - Hot Pepper Seeds - Organic
Raymond Mc Henry (Memphis, US)

Anaheim - Hot Pepper Seeds - Organic

I love this company. All their seeds have produced beautiful herbs and veggies 😍

Helped replace my seeds with no issues!


These are going to be beautiful flowers. The seeds were shipped in a careful packaging with a really lovely note as well. I would definitely order from this company again!

Seed Packets are very well done.

Of all the local and organic seeds that I purchased this year, these seed packets clearly explain the best planting practices for the specific seed. No need to go and look it up on their website, it is all right there. Seeds were just started so I cannot testify to their germination rates or the fruit produced.

Italian Roma - Tomato Seeds - Organic

Italian Roma - Tomato Seeds - Organic