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Bouquet Dill produces tall stems loaded with large, chartreuse umbels. Its fragrant foliage and easy-to-grow nature make it an ideal addition to any garden. Use its edible leaves in salads or as a seasoning, or simply enjoy its beauty in your floral arrangements. Bouquet Dill Seed is a fast-growing choice for baby-leaf production. 500mg ~ 250 seeds.

Plant seeds directly into the garden in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 55-75°F. For a continual harvest of leaves, make additional plantings every 3 weeks except during the hottest part of the summer. Or, start seed indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Transplant to the garden 1-2 weeks after your average last frost date. Dill self-sows readily.

Scientific Name: Anethum graveolens
Days to Maturity: 65 leaf, 80-100 seed
Seed Depth: 1/8"
Days to Sprout: 7-21
Plant Spacing: 6-12"
Row Spacing: 18-24"
Plant Height: 24-36"
Light Requirements: Sunny
Life Cycle: Annual
Frost Hardy: No

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