Rosemary - Herb Seed


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Looking for an herb that's both flavorful and aromatic? Rosemary is the perfect choice! This versatile herb is native to the Mediterranean region and has long been used in both cooking and natural medicine. Rosemary has a distinct, pine-like scent and flavor that makes it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. It's also a popular choice for potted plants, thanks to its lovely needle-like foliage and delicate flowers. Whether you're looking to add some flavor to your next meal or simply want a pretty plant for your home, rosemary is a great option! Perennial in zones 6-10. 100 mg ~ 50 seeds.

Start seed indoors 8-10 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Cover soil very lightly as seeds require light to germinate. Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 70-80 degrees. A heat mat will improve germination. Sow thickly as germination is naturally low and variable. Transplant to the garden 1-2 weeks after your average last frost date. Perennial in zones 6-10

Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Days to Maturity: 80-100
Seed Depth: Surface-1/8"
Days to Sprout: 14-21
Plant Spacing: 8-24"
Row Spacing: 24-36"
Plant Height: 18-48"
Light Requirements: Sunny
Life Cycle: Tender Perennial
Frost Tolerance: Hardy