Cocozelle Zucchini - Organic Summer Squash


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Cocozelle is a historic Italian heirloom dating back to the 1800's. Also know as 'Cocozella di Napoli'. Bush type Zucchini that is great for container, small raised bed or in the garden. Tender and flavorful dark green fruit with light green stripes. The Cocozelle is delicious steamed and fried. Good variety for freezing or canning. Best when harvested at 6"-8" long.

Plant seeds directly in the garden 1-2 weeks after average last frost date. Sow 3-5 seeds per hill, thinning to a final 2-3 plants per hill. Space between hills should be 3-6'. Optimum soil temperature for seed germination is 65-85 degrees. Or, start seed indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Transplant to the garden 2 to 3 weeks after your average last frost. Squash grow best in a warm site with full sun. Warm soil is essential to good seed germination and emergence. Using transplants can speed production.

Scientific Name: Curcurbita pepo
Days to Maturity: 42-50
Seed Depth: 1"
Days to Sprout: 7-14
Plant Spacing: 24-36"
Row Spacing: 3-4'
Light Requirements: Sunny
Plant Height: 12-24"
Life Cycle: Annual
Frost Hardy: No

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William Ramos Rodriguez

Es muy atrctiva a las plagas como los afidios plantas muy bonitas.